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We believe there is a home for every horse.  It may take time to find a match but a special someone is in each horse's future.  At Midnight's Promise each adoption is a true adoption.  This means that after a probationary period of a year the adopter has ownership of his or her horse.  We stay close in touch with adopters during their probationary period visiting the horse and adopter several times during the year to check on their progress and offer any assistance we can to make the transition and adoption a successful one.

In order to adopt, we meet with you to discuss the type of horse you are looking to adopt.  If we feel we have a possible match, you complete and submit the application below along with a $15 processing fee.  When approved to adopt, we like you to interact with the horse at least 3-4 times to be sure we have made a suitable match.  If both horse and human are happy with the match, then you sign a contract which is available below.  At this point, you pay an adoption fee in the form of a donation.

We are happy to discuss our horses and answer any questions you have.  Please feel free to call or email us for assistance.

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