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Nirvana was rescued from slaughter by a friend of Midnight's Promise.  However, soon after obtaining the mare, the good samaritan found her life turned upside down and could no longer afford to keep the beautiful black mare so she reached out to us for help.  We agreed to take Nirvana and try to find her a good home where she would never again find herself starved, neglected or off to slaughter.

Nirvana is a 20-year-old American Warmblood mare who is available as a companion horse only.  She has a large goiter on her neck that the vet does not recommend being removed.  This does not take away from her beauty.  She may have been a lesson horse at one time.  She loves the attention of little children and the opportunity to help us in our educational  programs at Midnight's Promise.

Nirvana suffers from arthritis in her joints and has an old knee injury so her riding days are over.  She also has a large goiter on her throat so she will remain at the sanctuary as a permanent resident.

If you are interested in sponsoring her care, please contact us at 704-798-6641 or or click on the sponsor link.  

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