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Code of Conduct

Volunteer Code of Conduct


This document and the supporting Code of Conduct Policy Statement outlines and defines the Code of Conduct for all persons volunteering their service to Midnight’s Promise, Inc.  All aspects of your behavior in any forum are included in our Code of Conduct, including emails, facebook and all other forms of social media, our website, texting, public or private meetings, public or private correspondence, and your interactions with all other members of Midnight’s Promise and the general public, both at meetings, on the property, and as you carry out your volunteer responsibilities everywhere.


Midnight’s Promise, Inc. operates in a team atmosphere of cooperation, courtesy, respectfulness, honesty, and considerate behavior towards everyone.  By becoming a volunteer with Midnight’s Promise, Inc. you agree to abide by the behavior guidelines established.


The safety and well-being of the horses and of the volunteers is of utmost importance.  We encourage you to ask questions if you are unsure of anything that you are doing.  We have volunteers who have many years of experience with horses and volunteers who are passionate about our mission but have limited or no experience with or around horses.  Please be open to receiving help if needed and ask an experienced person if you are in doubt about what you are to do, whether it be at the barn and pastures caring for horses or any other administrative volunteer duty.   When asked for advice, please be polite and courteous while instructing others.


Keep in mind that rules and consistency are important in our organization.  There may be several ways to accomplish a goal or task, but please follow the methods determined by Midnight’s Promise if so instructed.  Following established guidelines will help to reduce any confusion or misinterpretation and will result in the most efficient use of everyone’s time and energy.


Disagreements are bound to arise when many individuals work together as a team.  Each person brings their own experience and ideas to the table.  A constructive look at a disagreement may result in an improved method or result, or an increased efficiency in work and effort.  At Midnight’s Promise, we insist that disagreements and differing views are resolved in a courteous and constructive manner, focusing on the issue and not the individuals.  Specific steps for the resolution of disagreements and conflicts are outlined in the Code of Conduct Policy Statement.


Please exercise discretion and confidentiality with regards to Midnight’s Promise, Inc.’s private information.  Depending upon your role, you may be privy to many types of information that should not be made public.  Please keep site access details, such as logins and passwords, secure at all times.  We will be working with animal control officers, and all information with respect to any ongoing case is to be kept confidential at all times.  Do not discuss publicly in any forum any of the details as to where the horses under our care have come from or how they have been treated in the past.


Please check your email and voicemail regularly and answer messages promptly, even if, at that time, your only answer is “Ill get back to you on that.”  Please be realistic in the amount of volunteer time that you are capable of, and be honest with others and yourself.

We understand that volunteers may come and go, depending upon your personal circumstances.  When you decide to leave Midnight’s Promise, please do so in a way that ensures a smooth transition of duties.  We thank you for your service!

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