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Sponsor a Horse

Our sponsors are special donors.  Because your gift is continuous and steady, you ensure that your sponsored horse's needs for food, hoof care, veterinary care, and the training that will help him or her to one day find a home are met.  As a sponsor, you are considered an honorary member of Midnight's Promise and are included in weekly emails and photos to our members about the horses.  You also receive regular updates on your special horse and have the opportunity to visit him or her.


Costs to care for each horse is approximately $240 per month.  This helps pay for feed, hay, farrier care, routine veterinary care such as vaccines, medications and dental care, deworming, and training.  You can sponsor a horse for as little as $25 per month. 


To become a sponsor, please complete the sponsorship form below and indicate the amount of your monthly gift.  You can mail a monthly check or set up a monthly Paypal.





            If you'd like to mail a check, make it payable to Midnight's Promse, Inc.


        Midnight's Promise, Inc.

405 Ross St

China Grove, NC  28023      

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