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History of Events

February 27                                             Raise the Barn                                                                            Volunteer
March 15                                                  Rescued Major                                                                             Horse
March 25                                                  Rescued CZ Bunny aka Jupiter                                                  Horse
March 26                                                  Rescued Flight Fifteen aka Journey                                         Horse
April 16                                                     Volunteer Orientation                                                                 Volunteer
April 19                                                    Cheers to Our Horses                                                                  Fundraiser
April 23                                                    Colic Clinic                                                                                    Education
May 6                                                       Rescued Belle                                                                               Horse
May 14                                                     Grand Opening                                                                              Fundraiser
May 22                                                     Equine First Aid Clinic                                                                  Education
May 11                                                     Equine Training Program Begins                                                Horse
May 25                                                     Rescued Marvelous                                                                      Horse
June 4                                                      Equine First Aid Clinic                                                                  Education
June 11                                                    Rescue Assist                                                                                Horse
June 13                                                    Blazing Hooves 4H:  Equine Rescue & Welfare                         Community
June 25                                                    Blazing Hooves 4H:  Tour of Sanctuary                                     Community
July 3                                                        Rescue Assist                                                                               Horse
July 15                                                     Farmer's Day                                                                                 Community
July 23                                                     General Horse Care I Clinic                                                          Education
July 23                                                      Booth Southern States                                                               Fundraiser
August 16                                                Salisbury Rotary Club;  Equine Rescue & Welfare in NC          Community 
August 27                                                Advice and Support Call: Emaciated Horse                               Community/Horse
September 6                                           China Grove Rotary Club:  Equine Rescue & Welfare in NC      Community   
September 24                                         Heart Centered Horsemanship Clinic                                         Fundraiser
October  4                                                Training Program Ends                                                               Horse
October 7                                                Open Rescue to Hurricane Matthew Evacuees                         Community
October 9                                                Pantheon Arabian Open House:  Equine Rescue Booth            canceled
October 15                                             Founder's Day Celebration                                                            Fundraiser
October 26                                             Animal Welfare Meeting with  Candidate for County Office      Community
November 8                                          Adoption Belle                                                                                 Horse
November 12                                        Adoption Marvelous                                                                       Horse
November 12                                        Scout's Horsemanship Merit Badge Clinic                                  Community/Education/ Fundraiser
November 15                                        Registered with Fleet of Angels                                                   Community
November 15                                        Rescued Opened to Forest Fire Evacuees                                  Community
November 16                                        Rescue Assist                                                                                 Horse
November 19                                        Camera Shy Photography:  Portraits on the Farm                     Fundraiser
November 20                                        Adoption Follow Up Call Marvelous & Belle                                Horse
November 22                                       Rescue Nigel                                                                                    Horse
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