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Our Horses

Our horses come from many different situations and in many different stages of neglect or abuse.  Some are relinquished to the sanctuary, others may come from animal control and some are pulled from kill pens just hours before slaughter.  We provide these  horses a refuge where they can rehabilitate from both physical and psychological abuse.  


Our horses live in small bands based upon their age and needs.  They are allowed to live as horses upon sunny, rolling green fields with peaceful nooks under shady tree canopies.  Horses are fed twice a day with a diet specifically tailored to each horse's special need in individual stalls or runs then turned out for the day to graze and just be a  horse. Each little band has its own  barn or shelter to go into whenever it likes.


As each horse returns to health, they are evaluated by horse professionals such as veterinarians, farriers, chiropractors, trainers and the people who know them best so that the best match can be made between the horse and its new home.  Adoption is by application with a probationary period of one year.  Once probation is completed, the adopter receives full ownership of  their horse.  Should the owner ever decide to part ways with their horse, Midnight's Promise has First Right of Refusal.


Some of our horses are in rehabilitation but if you are interested in a horse, you may contact us, and we will let you know when the horse is ready to be placed for adoption.  



23-year-old American Warmblood, 17 hands

Rescued October 27, 2017

Sanctuary Horse and Unavailable for Adoption



Standardbred mare.  15 y.o.  15 hands 

Started under saddle and on trails.  Green broke.  Available for adoption as saddle horse. 

$500 adoption fee  Click on the photo to learn more about Aria.


Adopted May 2020

Mustang-Morgan Pony mare. 

16 years old.  13.3 hands. 

Owner surrender

to Rowan County Animal Control  $300 Adoption fee

Click on the photo to learn more about Belle



       (aka Flight Fifteen)

Standardbred gelding, 17 y.o.  16.3 hands

Rescued from Kill Pen March 27, 2016

Available for Adoption as a Companion Horse

No Riding.  Big energetic horse that loves to play.  Gets along well with other geldings.

Click on the photo to learn more about Journey.



Adopted October 15, 2019

20-year-old Quarter Horse, 14 hands, 

Experienced trail horse in good health.  Adoption fee $350

gus july.jpg


(aka Racintimeorchardbon)

Rescued June 19, 2019
Standardbred gelding

15 years old, approximately 16 hands

Rescued from slaughter pipeline

Available for adoption as a companion horse.

Click on the photo to learn more about Gus.


Rescued August 16, 2018 from slaughter

12 yo Standardbred Mare

15.2 hands

Available for adoption as a companion horse.

Click on her photo to learn more



aka Don't Even Go There

11-year-old Standardbred Mare

Rescued December 30, 2019

Rescued from Kill Pen


Not Available for Adoption

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