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Our Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles

The mission of Midnight's Promise is to end abuse and to stop slaughter of horses through rescue efforts, educational programs and community partnerships.

We envision a world in which horses no longer suffer at the hands of cruelty or from a lack of understanding of their unique nature.

We follow 5 guiding principles as we begin our mission:

COMPASSION:  We believe all creatures should be treated with kindness and respect. 


EDUCATION:  We believe education to be the foundation upon which a better world can be created.


ACCOUNTABILITY:  We strive to operate in an honest and open manner taking responsibility for our decisions and actions.


EXCELLENCE: We believe that excellence comes from opening your mind to new ideas, by rejecting complacency, and by working to become better informed.


COMMUNITY:  We believe in the power of the community to achieve great things through mutual cooperaton. 













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