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Flight Fifteen aka Journey

Journey is a 15-year-old Standardbred gelding bred by the world famous Hanover Stables who earned very significant winnings in his career.  As a racehorse, his life was hard.  He raced over 30 times a year for over 4 years.  Today his swollen and scarred limbs show the toil his racing career took on his body.  Like many Standardbred, Journey went on to work for the Amish pulling a cart after his racing days were over.    Journey came to Midnight's Promise through our partnership with the Standardbred Retirement Foundation after he had been bailed from the feedlot in Shippensburg, PA on his way to slaughter in Canada.  His body was covered in bite marks from being corralled with a large group of horses at the feedlot.  His tall 17 hand frame at only 933 lbs was too lean when he arrived at Midnight's Promise and his nose has been damaged by a halter or other restraint at some point in his life.  It is heartbreaking to see a horse that earned his keep for years and won $500,000 for his owners be cast aside as he was.


A rare breed in North Carolina, Standardbreds are known for their sweet dispositions, steady natures, and strong constitutions.    Journey has earned his retirement and will be available is available as a companion horse.  With his sweet playful nature, he would make a wonderful companion to horses of many ages.


If you would like to adopt him, please contact us at Midnight's Promise.  Until he has a home, we are looking for caring individuals to sponsor Journey to help pay for his needs.

Journey receives attention at Midnight's Promise

Journey's scarred and swollen limbs.  Pin firing scars on his right hock.

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Journey's freeze brand identifies him as Flight Fifteen.

Journey on the feedlot awaiting slaughter.

Today Journey is looking for a home as a companion horse

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