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Blaze is a 20-year-old Quarter Horse gelding that was surrendered to Iredell County Animal Services in August 2018 in severely emaciated condition.  Six weeks of good nutrition and proper care restored Blaze's health.  We have spoken to Blaze's owners from before he fell upon such hard times so know much of his history.  Blaze is an experienced trail horse and knows a few cute tricks such as stomping his hoof for a peppermint.  He's a smart boy and someone is going to have loads of fun with this fellow.

He is currently in training by Stacey Carter of Heart Centered Horsemanship just to give him a tune up and to refresh his manners.  Blaze is an energetic fellow with lots of go and a funny personality.  He stands approximately 14 hands.  Blaze is a seasoned trail horse that will ride out alone, take any spot in the line up, and cross water.  If you ride western, Blaze can neck rein.  We have been riding him barefoot with no issues.   If you are interested in adopting Blaze, you can meet him by appointment.

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