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Nonprofit Documentation

Midnight's Promise, Inc is a fully incorporated, federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonproift charitable organization.  We run an above board, transparent rescue and pride ourselves in our honesty and integrity.  Our Articles of Incorporation are filed with the North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State and were approved October 14, 2015.


Nonprofit status was granted by the IRS on December 17th, 2015 and we received our Letter of Determination on December 21, 2015.   All donations received as of October 14, 2015 are tax deductible.  For donation purposes, our EIN is 47-5324778.  We are registered wtih GuideStar and all documents can be viewed online at

Our Board
Deborah Baker

President & Founder


After living abroad in the Far East for six and a half years, I settled in China Grove, NC and became involved with a local rescue.  This reawakened a passion for horses and rescue.  I had rescued and rehabilitated my first horse in the early 80s long before starved horses were known as rescues. 


Over the next nine years, I spent every free minute caring for and learning about debilitated horses.  While doing rescue, I noticed there was a serious gap in equine education as it pertained to the overall health and care of horses, so I began the Horse Sensei, a series of equine health and well-being classes and clinics for the general public. 


I always planned to return to my rescue roots but felt the universe calling much sooner than I had expected.  So I gathered together a group of passionate rescuers that would be committed for the long haul and formed Midnight's Promise. 


I currently have 2 rescues of my own, our organization's namesake and inspiration, Midnight Sun and a funny Quarter-Arab cross mare named Miakoda that keeps me laughing with her goofy antics.



Linda Sullivan
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