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Our Story

Our Story

Our story begins in September 2015 with handful of horse rescuing friends, Crista Stubbs, Tracey Harris, Pam Currie, and Michelle Colton,  that joined together to find a safe home for a lovely Appaloosa mare who also happened to be blind.   When our primary founder, Deborah Baker, heard what her friends were trying to accomplish, she couldn't shake the feeling that the universe was speaking to her and saying that the time had come to create the rescue she had dreamed of starting.    Passionate, experienced, hardworking and committed for the long haul, these were the people who would provide the foundation on which the rescue would be built.


Our group met for our first meeting that October to name the new rescue, state the mission and to determine the principles that would guide it on its path.  Inspired by Deborah's promise to her rescue mare, Midnight Sun, to always care for and protect her, the name Midnight's Promise capured the essense of what we all wished for every horse.   Our mission:  To rescue, rehabilitate and rehome horses, and to educate the public.  Our guiding principles:  Compassion, Excellence, Education, Community and

and Accountability.  Midnight's Promise's articles of incorporation were filed with the NC Secretary of State the next morning

and approved that week.


In October of 2015 a small herd of horses was seized by Rowan County Animal Control.  Midnight's Promise had not yet found a farm or obtained its 501(c)(3) statues but wanted to help so we began a social media campaign to raise feed, hay and necessary supplies.  Response from the equine community was overwhelming as many came together in a single cause.  In November, Midnight's Promise responded again to the need of the seized horses through social media and its own cash and feed donation.  The officer in charge of the case was so grateful she insisted on meeting the people behind Midnight's Promise.  When she learned that we were searching for a farm to be our sanctuary, she promised to keep a look out and help in anyway she could.  To our amazement, we received a call only an hour after meeting her.  She knew someone that was interested in offering their farm to Midnight's Promise!  And so, we met Rick and Robin Perry of Salisbury whose property would eventually be the home of Midnight's Promise. 


On December 12, 2015, we filed for 501(c)(3) status and were approved only five days later on December 17th.  Our Letter of Determination was received December 21st. 


In the following months, we met many individuals who were eager to help and our small group grew.  We looked at several nice farms and were offered use of one for free by a kind horse lover but the Perry farm was one that would suit our needs as we grew and of course we loved the big red barn, lush pastures and little cabin in the woods.  So in January the Perry's and Midnight's Promise worked out a lease arrangement that would suit our young organization.


In late February, we began preparing the sanctuary to take its first rescues with the help of many old friends and new supporters.   We were ready to accept our first rescue by the middle of March.  Then on March 15th we received a call about an old gelding that was being sent to an auction up north in a few days.  Midnight's Promise agreed to help by taking the horse and finding it a wonderful home.







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