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We temporarily referred to this rescue as our Black Friday Horse for the day in which he arrived safely at Midnight's Promise.  Born May 5th 2009, he's a 7-year-old Standardbred gelding that raced 4 times in his life.  He has a registered name befitting of a super hero or a NASCAR champion: Bolt Speedman.    He was saved from Tar Heel Feedlot in Greensboro, NC with only a few hours remaining until he was to be loaded up and shipped to Mexico for slaughter. 

Brandi Strickland Downs writes very beautifully about his rescue in her blog.  I hope you will read his story as she tells it.

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November 2017: Rocket receiving care from Midnight's Promise members and volunteers after his intake to remove burrs, bot eggs, and rain rot.

February 2017, Rocket has gained weight and is currently in treatment for recurrent uveitis in both eyes caused by exposure to Leptospirosis pomona.  Donations needed for her treatment.

Rocket was successfully treated for the leptospirosis that caused uveitis in both eyes in March 2017.  As of August 2017 he has had no more flares.  He is currently in training with Stacey Carter of Heart Centered Horsemanship and is looking for a home.

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