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CZ Bunny aka Jupiter

CZ Bunny is a 16.1 hand Standardbred gelding who at the age of only 12 years old found himself purchased for slaughter and waiting to be rescued from a livestock feed lot in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.  To begin his new life, we have given him a new name and he is  now known as Jupiter after the Roman god.  Jupiter is an extremely well bred horse who was sired by one of the greatest Standardbred race horses, World Record Holder and Hall of Famer, Precious Bunny.    Jupiter was foaled on May 12, 2003.  He raced from 2005- 2008 and won a total of $23, 583.  One of his previoius owners describes him as "a very special horse with a level head." 


We at the Midnight's Promise find him to be a very agreable fellow that loves the attention of people.  He cooperates with the person trailering him, the farrier, the vet and volunteers and is such a pleasure to handle.  He loves scratches on his chest and neck. 


His shoes have been removed and our farrier is working to get his heels down and to open up his contracted heels.  His frogs were very soft and mushy because he had been kept in muddy conditions before getting to the sanctuary but his hooves are strong and healthy.

Farrier, Tamara Eichorn from Gold Hill, pulls Bunny's shoes and begins corrective trimming to improve the angles of Bunny's hooves.

      Jupiter at the feed lot awaiting his fate of slaughter or rescue.

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Jupiter will be in quarantine until April 27th.  He is of good weight and seems to be in good health.  He will be given time to adjust to the changes in his hooves and tendons as corrective trimming is performed before we consider placing him under saddle or in harness.  Until then he will be on pasture rest, joint supplements and dmso.  Midnight's Promise will have him evaluated for soundness and treated by a vet, a chiropractor and an equine body work specialist before he is worked with by a professional trainer and made available for adoption.


Adoption is done by application process and contract.  There is a one year probationary period on adoptions after which the adopter may have ownership of their horse.  Midnight's Promise retains the priviledge of First Right of Refusal should an adopted horse's family decide to sell or rehome.

Update October 31, 2016

Jupiter has completed the evaluation process and is available for adoption.  He is cart trained and green under saddle.  .  He has been ridden at walk and trot outside of the arena in the pasture, some trails and a quiet country road.  We feel he would make a nice trail horse with more saddle time and could be a possible candidate for a pleasure or equitation class if someone wanted to show.  A veterinary prepurchase exam is available for potential adopters.  Jupiter is a high status gelding and needs an experienced horse person.  A people  horse, he loves lots of attention.  For him, there is no such thing as too much kissing or scratching.

Stacey Carter of Heart Centered Horsemanship evaluates his ability and readies him for a new home and a new life.

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