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We are working with Marvelous to rebuild his trust in people.  Many of our volunteers will visit him and just sit in his paddock sharing space with him.  Our volunteers have also worked with a trainer to learn how to approach frightened horses and to find their "bubble of space."  We are also using different types of therapeutic body work such as T-touch and Masterson Method along with massage to release energy and to help Marvelous accept the touch of people.  He has made very good progress as we patiently work with him as he is comfortable.


Marvelous was rescued from a kill pen here in North Carolina. Like the majority of horses in  the slaughter pipeline, he is a beautiful, healthy horse in the prime of his life.  Horses are rescued from slaughter in a variety of ways, some are purchased at auction during bidding wars against kill buyers others like Marvelous are purchased by kill buyers and held in holding pens until shipped to Canada or Mexico for slaughter.  Occassionally, these horses are "bailed" out of the kill pens by rescues and individuals.  The kill buyer makes their profit, and the life of a horse is saved.
 At the kill pen it was obvious that he had been abusesd terribly..  His entire body trembled and he flinched and pulled back in fear when we tried to pet him.  His handler held him tightly.  He would not let anyone approach him past his shoulder. We were not sure if we would even be able to get him on a trailer his fear was so great. By giving him the time he needed to look over the trailer and not putting any pressure on him, he walked inside the trailer in just a minute or two.   Despite his fear, the gelding proved to be have a willing nature, a brave heart and the desire to trust.  


Marvelous was bailed out by a very kind individual who took the money she had been saving to buy new patio furniture to purchase his safety. He was named in honor of her 101-year-old mother, Marvel Walker, who loved and rode Tennessee Walkers.  Now this sweet gelding will be told every day that he is Marvelous. 

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