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POA 51317c
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pearl surgery
pearl recovered
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Pearl is a 27-year-old Pony of the Americas mare that was rescued from a situation in Orangeburg, SC.  She arrived at the sanctuary after a 6-hour round trip when we answered an online plea for help.  A stable owner that ran a children's program had been duped into taking a pair of starved horses.  One rebounded, but Pearl did not, despite following advice from her veterinarian and other horse owners.  Starved and dehydrated, Pearl arrived at Midnight's Promise in the very early hours one May morning.  Great care was taken to supply her with the proper balance of nutrition in order to stop the starvation process without causing her to die from refeeding syndrome.

We are happy to say that Pearl has fully recovered and her future looks bright.  She has gained weight and strength.  She is now free from the pain caused by her damaged eye.  


Pearl is available for adoption as a companion horse is available as a saddle horse for a small rider that wants to do light riding.

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