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Barn Cleaning Day Finals-11

Join Us and Volunteer


 Members and volunteers are the most important people in any charitable organizaton.  These are the people who pour their hearts into the daily tasks that enable a nonprofit to fulfill its mission in improving the lives of both people and animals.


At Midnight’s Promise your membership is more than a piece of paper.  We understand your wish to make the world a better place for horses and believe this is an adventure to be shared by all.  Because you are a member of Midnight’s Promise, you can:



  • Visit the horses at the sanctuary during regular hours between 9 am- 4pm every Saturday once you have completed orientation

  • Help care for the rescued horses at the sanctuary

  • Receive notifications of newly rescued horses at Midnight’s Promise

  • Receive regular updates on the horses

  • Participate in special equine training and seminars

  • Receive invitations to special events at Midnight’s Promise

  • Have a voice in our monthly board meetings

  • Request to be included in emails concerning daily operation of the rescue

  • Create friendships with other caring individuals

  • Be a voice in enhancing animal awareness while contributing to your community


               Join us today and make a difference!

                    Download a membership form and become a member.  




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